Most popular iOS apps for jailbroken phones

Once your iOS device is JailBroken, it is time for you to go to Cydia and get all the illicit applications that will change the way you view your iPhones or iPads. There are a lot of cool apps which enhances the features of your phone. Jailbreaking is one of the best ways to tweak and customize your phone, it might not be quite necessary, but it is sure fun to have control over your phone.
The following are some of the best Jailbreak Apps for iOS:

The RevealMenu allows you to short hold on an icon on your phone to get the Quick Action menu. In iOS 9 there was a feature where you can get hard press on the app, and you get menus regarding that app, and it will take you to a specific part of the application. But with RevealMenu when you short hold on an app you will get the quick actions menu.


WinterBoard is a free app, and it allows you to change the default look of your phone and replace them with the themes from the app WinterBoard. You can keep video wallpaper and even change the customization of your keyboards, and the app offers a wide range of backgrounds for you to choose. The WinterBoard is one of the best apps for you to make your phone look exactly the way you want it to be.

Most of the iPhone users would want to jailbreak their phones to tether without getting dinged by its carrier. MyWi will help you to do just that. But make sure that your carrier does not know that you are doing this.

With Lockinfo you have your favourite lock screens just like the ones you have on Android phones. The app allows you to get a peep into calendar, time and events without having to unlock your phone. The app also provides plenty of themes for you to choose as your lock screen.


Multiflow allows you to see all the open app on a single screen so that you can switch between apps very quickly. The app costs about $5 but it is totally worth if you want fast switching between apps.

Now you can control where the icons get placed on the screen with just a dollar. With Gridlock you can place the icons anywhere, you want on the screen. Your apps will no longer slide to fill the rows and columns of the screen.

iBlacklist is a lifesaver when you are getting continuous spam text messages and calls. The app allows you to block all the unwanted calls and texts. The app is about 12 dollars, but it is totally worth it if you are really in need of this feature.

If you want to trick your iPhone by making it think that your 3G connection is your Wi-Fi connection, then you need to download My3G.

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