We are always in need of advertisements. To put it out blunt we are always in need of people who can use our sites to endorse themselves. This would largely support us financially. But is that the end, is it all about the money that we earn and the financial benefit that we see? Definitely not. It is true that we need financial back up to explore technology, but we are also trying to share the benefit we receiving a large number of visitors on a regular. We strongly believe that you will never get a site that is as popular as this and would want to sell themselves for advertisement. We do have our own terms to negotiate, so we are not going to come to a deal the easy way. We are looking forward to people who have something to do with technology. This way even if we are advertising stuff and making or page messy we wouldn’t be posting irrelevant stuff.  You can leave a comment here or drop us a mail. Also, feel free to meet us in person. We would really love to do that.